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All Expenses Paid! TPPA Announces Plans For December UTR Nationals

As the regionals of the Tennis Players Parents Association (TPPA) UTR Tournament winds down, there is a very important update for players.

Since Monday, 30 October, 2023, players have been gathering across different centres from Akwa-Ibom to Ibadan, to Abuja to Onitsha and Minna, for the tournament which helps them gain international points.

As at Friday, 3 November, 2023 most of the centres have reached the semifinal stage of the tournament with others coming close as well.

And ahead of the semifinal matches scheduled for Friday, Mr. Segun Aluko, president of the TPPA, has informed that winners and the runners-up from each region will be brought to Lagos for the finale in December, 2023.

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In a brief chat with Nigeria Tennis Live, he revealed why all the UTR tournament matches are being played simultaneously across all centres.

He said: “We’re doing everything simultaneously so that we can have winners from each of the zones. We cannot do it separately because if we do that, people can play in one zone and go to another zone to play.

“And if it happens that way, we’ll have one winner for two or more zones. And that way, which winner will represent each region for the final leg we’re having in Lagos this December?

“If you’re winning two regions, one of the regions will be deprived the chance of presenting their winner”.

Mr. Aluko also gave an important update about the UTR nationals slated for Lagos in December, noting that not just winners will be brought in for the finals, but the runners-up.

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“The idea is to bring all winners and runners-up to Lagos in December, accommodate them and have them play the nationals, all-expenses paid; that’s the idea,” he explained.

In Niger State, the semifinals of the UTR competition will start on Saturday, 4 November while the final will be held on Sunday, 5 November, while the Akwa-Ibom centre will climax the tournament on Saturday, 4 November, 2023.

Nigeria Tennis Live will keep all our readers and followers updated on the latest events from the regional tournament.



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