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LIES! Players React To Reason ASF Open Organizers Postponed Event

Nigerian tennis players have unequivocally responded to the report that the anticipated ASF Open Championship has been postponed by the organizers.

The players, some of whom had already traveled to Abuja for the competition, were extremely disappointed after hearing of the postponement.

Dr. Daniel Okara, the organizers’ representative, had on Wednesday, 22 November, 2023, told Nigeria Tennis Live that the competition was postponed due to technical glitches.

He explained that their intention was to make it a charity event, and did not carry the tennis federation along with some of their decisions.

“They actually told us that we had met with most part of the basic needs for the tournament to be held, but we were not aware of the fact that we needed to make the factsheet available to the players.

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“This factsheet, we were told, should have been made available three weeks to the competition, but we’re already in the week of the event.

“Apart from this, though, we’ve met all the necessary requirements for the competition but we have been met with this brick wall,” Dr. Okara explained.

But in a swift response to the reasons given by the organizers of the ASF Open, Sunday Essien, the players’ representative, noted that the organizers were being economical with the truth.

“After reading through this post, I must say I am disappointed with what the organiser has said. These are all lies.

“There was nothing like any technical glitches. The Sponsor should come out straight and just be sincere. The NTF gave the sponsor all requirements needed to sponsor the tournament before now.

“The sponsor also stated in the meetings we had, that they have done proper studies on other tournament and they have personnel also observing the just concluded Dala tournament that has run for over 25years, that theirs will be better,” Essien noted.

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Continuing, he said: “We were all in the meeting, in fact two meetings on Friday & Tuesday. He was told about other tournament that had issues of prize monies being delayed and we don’t want such a thing to happen again, that we don’t want further embarrassment to the game of tennis.

“So he was asked to make deposit of the total prize monies and that of the officials, the Sponsor of ASF OPEN agreed to make that payment since last Friday.

“Since that Friday it has been one excuse or the other up till Wednesday (today).

“So for us to trust such people in the future, I feel the sponsor should come out plain. Say things the way it is. TRUTH is key. Trying to shift blames to the NTF is totally wrong.

“We the Players demand OPEN and UNRESERVED APOLOGY from the sponsor. I just cannot begin to mention what many have gone through due to unprofessionalism displayed by the sponsor.

“I just hope he put things right on time”.


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