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EXCLUSIVE: About Six Nigerian Youngsters Set For US College Switch

Nigeria Tennis Live has gathered that about six junior tennis players from Nigeria will be making a switch to the United States of America for College Tennis.

This piece of good news was revealed to our correspondent by Coach Ubale Mohammed during a conversation on Wednesday.

The highly experienced and widely traveled coach who is now based in the United States, believes that the recent influx of Nigerian coaches to the US only breeds better things for Nigerian players who have limited opportunities to play competitions in the country.

He noted that with the opportunities that abound in the United States, it just makes sense for the coaches who are now based there to make the best use of them to the advantage and merit of Nigerian players.

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“Since we are here, and since there are opportunities, we will try the best we can for the youngsters. The presence of Nigerian Coaches in the US is a pathway for Nigerian players to get into the US.

“From January, I can assure you, you’ll see the players coming into the US. About four-six players are moving here in January.

Coach Ubale flanked by Coaches Akinloye and Benson

“Some of the players are coming for the College Tennis while some will return before coming back here,” Coach Ubale confirmed.

He also explained that the dearth of tournaments in Nigeria is killing the abilities of the players, and has reduced their ability to compete against their opponents from other climes when they meet.

According to him: “Here in the US, there are UTR tournaments every week, and that is what makes these players more competitive than ours.

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“Look at Ghana, they’ve gone six weeks, hosting top back-to-back junior tournament. And that’s not the only ones they’ve done this year.

“How many have we had in Nigeria this year already? So, you see that we need to do something about this situation already.”

This information will come as a relief to many Nigerian players who have been desperately seeking to travel outside the country to live their dream of playing College Tennis.



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