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Know Your Coach: From Ekiti, Ogunshakin Keeps Producing Amazing Talents

Ekiti State is one of the states of the federation where youngsters are working really hard, and are deservedly gaining national prominence.

Presently, they are being tutored by the relentless Akinwumi Ogunshakin, a cool, calm and collected young man whose only undoing is his gentle nature.

In this fresh episode of Know Your Coach, Nigeria Tennis Live seeks to know more about the hardworking young man.

How long have you been coaching: I’ve been coaching for 13 years now.

Players coached to prominence: In the Juniors; Daniel Adeleye, Omolayo Bamidele, Oluwaseun Ogunsakin, Esther Oni

Coach Ogunshakin poses with some of his players.

In the senior; Omolayo Bamidele; Toyosi Adeusi

Club or academy : Ekiti State and still now in Ekiti State.

Certification: I have that of NIS (national institute for sports) and ITF level one hoping to go for level 2 if I’m supported financially.

Ambition with coaching: To be very great in coaching; To impact in the lives of people with the game and more importantly to see my sons becoming some of the best players in the world of tennis.

When Nigeria will win a Grand Slam: When we have the right programs, the right people to control affairs of the federation like what the federation is trying to start doing now and most importantly having the right set of kids.

How the NTF is helping your coaching career: Let me say that with the just concluded coaches workshop held in Abuja they have just started if more of that can come to us then it’s going to have a very big impact on my coaching dream. Unlike before, nothing was coming to the coaches in terms of coaches development from the federation, it was just to some individuals.

Most difficult moment: The difficult moments are those times I’m looking for money to bring players to competitions.

Proudest moment as a coach: I don’t have a proud moment for now maybe in years to come when my kids or my players get to the top in tennis either senior ITF, ATP or WTA.

Best food: My best food are APU and BEANS

Favourite Colour: My best colour is blue

Best artiste: R&B and Reggae music; I have alot of them. I love R&B and Raggae musicians but the most outstanding of them all are Bob Marley and Lucky Dube


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