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Reliving The Lagos Schools’ Tennis Championship Through The Lens

The grand finale of the Lagos Schools’ Tennis Championship sponsored by the Allison & Oluremi Ayida Foundation certainly didn’t quite end as you thought it did. Yeah, read that again.

Because all of those beautiful memories may have long faded away after the excitement must have waned down after returning to your other places of endeavour. But isn’t that why we have a ‘safe space’ to keep memories?

Let’s take you back a little bit… the tournament was held from 19-22 October, 2023, inside the Lagos Lawn Tennis Club, Onikan, Lagos State.

More than 200 players polled from schools scattered across Lagos and beyond registered to participate in this tournament which was majorly organized as part of activities to unveil the Allison Ayida Pavilion inside the LLTC. But it turned out to be even bigger.

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The quality of tennis on display by the talented youngsters who played to the final showed just why tournaments of this nature must be a continuum.

Anyways, Mr. Stanley Akpomejeme, a very creative and astute photographer made sure to capture every beautiful moment spent on the court and has given us the unique privilege of sharing them with you.

If you were at the event and already forgot what you looked like, say no more, Mr. Stanley’s got you covered. And if you were not there and really wanted to see what it looked like, you’re in the right place.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you, the chronicles of the Lagos Schools’ Tennis Championship 2023:


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