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Ubale Excited About Ogunshakin, Mubarak’s Development

Ubale Mohammed, the National Junior Tennis Coach is excited about the development and progress of Seun Ogunshakin and Mubarak Ganiyu.

The youngsters from Ekiti and Oyo respectively were two of the outstanding players at the recent National Youth Games which was held in Ilorin, the Kwara State Capital, claiming silver and bronze medals at the event.

Even though they complained about the age cheat issues at the competition, the youngsters were able to show why they have been regulars in the junior set up of the national team.

Coach Ubale Mohammed has also tipped Mubarak Ganiyu to become one of Nigeria’s shining stars. Photo credit: Nigeria Tennis Live.

And Coach Ubale who has seen the players from close quarters a lot of times, and recently watched them in Kwara State, is confident that they are players Nigerians should look up to with pride and expectations.

“Like Seun, though he has been there, but I’m telling you that he’s a player Nigerians should look up to.

“The Federation should come in now. The likes of Seun, Mubarak, and then the girls, we have Salamatu, we have the Abubakars from Abuja. We have some other kids.

“Benue too, they have some girls coming up. Oyo too, they have girls coming up and a few other states,” the junior tennis coach stated.

He believes that with the right atmosphere, training, mentoring and monitoring, the players he mentioned are going to become solid for Nigeria.

Among the players identified by the coach, also, is Elisha Kwange, believed to be a really strong player.

In a brief interaction with our correspondent while scouting some of the junior players, Coach Ubale mentioned the he observed the player and believes he has the potentials.

“He’s a good player, and we are also monitoring him with the way he is playing,” the vastly traveled tennis trainer offered.

Nigeria Tennis Live will also keep monitoring the players mentioned by the coach and see how they develop over the years.


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