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National Tournaments: Listen To Your Players – Aderogba Charges NTF

Mr. Michael Aderogba, the Head Coach at Apex Tennis Academy, has asked the Nigeria Tennis Federation (NTF) to listen to its players over the organization of national tournaments.

He explained that the players know where the shoe pinches the most and can tell what they want when prompted, and as such, should be listened to.

Aderogba was responding to a question posed by Nigeria Tennis Live during an interview, when he was asked if he supported the quest for more national competitions than international tournaments in the country.

“I’d listen to the players if I were the NTF,” he said.

“Look, they are the ones who are playing these tournaments and it is only right to listen to their calls since they’re the ones the NTF is organizing the competition for.

“Right now, we have about five weeks of ITF competitions and I believe that is fair enough,” the experienced coach informed Nigeria Tennis Live.

Speaking further, he explained that the players can do with as many national tournaments as possible, especially since it is easier for them to participate.

“I have followed almost every IG Live session you’ve had and the problems I have heard the players talk about include the absence of tournaments.

“I’d definitely listen to the players if I were the NTF,” Coach Aderogba added.

Recall that during recent interviews with Nigeria Tennis Live, Sylvester Emmanuel, the country’s number one player, had said he’d rather have national tournaments.

His explanation was that most local players who struggle to participate in the international competitions either fail to make it to the Main Draws or even exit at the first round.

Major, as he is fondly called, noted that if there were many local tournaments, the players would play more and earn more.

Nigeria Tennis Live will publish more parts of the exclusive interview with the vastly experienced coach.


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