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EXCLUSIVE: UK-based Nigerian Coach Plans New Tennis League Post Covid-19

Nigerian tennis players have the assurance of a new tennis league event as soon as the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown is over.

The players who have been without any form of competitive tennis action for a minimum of three months can now pack their bags and brazen up for the new competition.

Nigeria Tennis Live can assure the players that this new league, dissimilar to the NCC Tennis League, is sure to take place as soon as the Nigeria Tennis Federation (NTF) gives the green light.

According to UK-based Nigerian tennis coach, Mr. Michael Aderogba, owner of Apex Tennis Academy and organizer of the new league format, this is a league of individual players.

Unlike the NCC League which requires team efforts, players will have to register as individuals and participate as same.

In a recent interview with Nigeria Tennis Live, Aderogba, an alumnus of the Lagos State University (LASU) explained that there’s no particular need for a big stadium to play this competition.

“All things being equal, the moment the Sports Ministry has declared tennis a low risk sport and the NTF has given a green light, we shall have the competition,” the coach began.

“This is actually different from the NCC League which we have in the country, because as I understand, it is a team event, but this one is for individuals.

“Individuals will have to register themselves with a token and take home everything they win at the end of the league, that’s the plan,” he added.

Asked if this is still in the pipeline or if it has been totally thought out, Mr. Aderogba noted with a smile, that “I have actually started the ground work for this league.

“All we need is the approval of the NTF and the green light by the Sports Ministry on when we can start tennis events, since it is not a contact sport.”


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