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My Mum Was So Happy She Started Crying – Jebutu On His US College Scholarship

Nigeria’s Emmanuel Jebutu has spoken for the first time since he landed in the United States of America on scholarship to play College Tennis and study.

Nigeria Tennis Live had reported that the Lagos-based tennis player secured scholarship to play College Tennis at the Weatherford College, Texas.

The Nigerian number 19 ranked player who had always had his sights set on playing College Tennis, told Nigeria Tennis Live from his base in Texas, that it was a dream come true for him.

He explained that he had been on this particular scholarship for about two years and was ecstatic it eventually pulled through despite some initial hassles.

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Jebutu Emmanuel

“Firstly, College Tennis has always been what I wanted. It’s like a dream come true because I’ve always wanted to play college tennis due to lack of tournaments in Nigeria,” Jebutu told our correspondent.

The man fondly called ‘Ijebu’ by close friends would later explain how difficult it was for him to secure the scholarship and what he will be studying at the Weatherford College.

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He said: “It is really difficult to get into the US because of the embassy stuff, but thank God I was able to scale through.

“I got a partial scholarship which means I’ll be working in the school to pay part of my fees, because it’s a 50% scholarship deal.

“I’ll be studying General Studies and it’s a four-year course.”

On how his family reacted and what his immediate plans are, Jebutu said: “My mum, especially, was really happy and she was crying when I was leaving because it was like a dream come true for me to go to the US.

“Going to the US will give me a huge edge, because I’ll really train and work really hard to take Nigerian tennis to the next level”.



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