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Mubarak Returns From US Training Tour, Reveals Secret To Americans’ Success

One of Nigeria’s top youngsters, Mubarak Ganiyu, has shared some really important secrets to success of American tennis players.

Mubarak was recently in the United States for three weeks, where he underwent top notch training at the Mckinney Tennis Academy in Texas.

Mckinney Tennis Academy 1

On his return to Nigeria, the Ibadan, Oyo State golden boy told Nigeria Tennis Live that the training was eye-opening for him as he saw how things were done differently from the way they are done in Nigeria.

According to him, “the trip was a very good one. There are a lot of things that I’ve seen, how Americans do their stuff, they are more organized and their players over there are solid.

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“It’s not like they are doing anything special, it’s just the way they are organized. The way the coaches coach them and talk to them on the tennis courts, in a cool manner, not being harsh and all, yeah, it was good”.

Mubarak Mckinney Tennis Academy

He further explained to our correspondent why he believes the Americans are more successful than their Nigerian counterparts, a lesson which is his take away from the trip.

“One thing we are enjoying in Nigeria is that most of the stuff that players get are free. In the US, it is different, that is why their players are very serious when they are playing because they know how much their parents paid for them to practice and all.

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“That’s why they always take it seriously and people believe it is because of the opportunities there. It is not only because of the opportunities, it is the way they train.

“I mean, like, I see the way they train. They are very serious about it, they don’t laugh, no jokes around, they train really hard and challenge each other while training,” he revealed in a honest conversation with Nigeria Tennis Live.

Mubarak in Yankee

Now that he has this exposure, will it affect his game on the courts? Mubarak noted that it is really not much about the exposure as it is about what one does on the court.

“It’s not only about exposure, it is also about knowing what you are doing on the courts and what was paid for,” he offered.

The junior player was plagued by a number of injuries in 2023, but with this recent training tour of US and a return to full fitness, Nigerians will be hoping to see more of him on tours in 2024.

Nigeria Tennis Live will continue to monitor the activities of the youngster and share updates with all our followers and ardent readers.


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