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11 Things Every Nigerian Going To US Colleges Must Know

With the influx of Nigerian players in American Colleges on full or part scholarship, Florida-based Nigerian tennis coach, Abdul Idi, is offering some advice.

Having lived and worked in the United States of America for more than three decades, the Nigerian coach believes that every player who is playing College Tennis must know these things.

In a chat with Nigeria Tennis Live, the Taraba-born die hard tennis lover, revealed that these eleven things are the gifts he gives all Nigerian players whom he hears are in US Colleges already.

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He said: “Below are the things I share with any 9ja Pikin who got college tennis scholarship. It’s important to show future generations the way”.

(1) Going to class is number one priority

(2) Take early morning classes

(3) No arguments on line calls during matches, No getting angry when your coach says something that will help you improve your tennis & academics.

(4) Look people in the eye when speaking

(5) Take advantage of extra tutors for athletes

(6) Go to your Prof When you have any issues regarding your class work

(7) Go to international students affairs office & enquire about Social Security number

(8) Ask about on campus work

(9) You must respect women no insult, No sexual harassment, no mental or physical abuse No illegal drug use these are no-no-no-go ZONE.

(10) You must spray perfume or cologne and deodorant at least three times a day

(11) The big one: you must ask yourself this question every DAY: What did you come to do in the United States of America? You must answer honestly why the University-Colleges sent you Admission Letter, Form I-20 plus tennis scholarship!!

“Good luck on your new journey”.



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