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Dala Hard Court Update: Confusion In Kano Over Sign-in Deadline

Players have lamented their inability to enter for the Dala Hard Court tournament in Dala, Kano, following their arrival in the city after traveling by road for about three days.

The players who aired their grievances to Nigeria Tennis Live correspondent from Kano, explained that they had traveled for three days by road, after their vehicle developed faults at intervals.

According to the players, they explained to the Chief Referee as soon as they got to the venue of the tournament, but their pleas fell on deaf ears as they were disallowed from entering for the tournament.

This is the entry form the players got before the commencement of the tournament, which they expected to follow through with in Kano, but were told signing-in had closed before their arrival.

Their points, they argued, were very valid, especially since the fact sheet (entry form) for the tournament that they got showed that the deadline for the tournament is 10.00am on Friday, 29 October, 2021.

But our correspondent quickly reached out to Mr. Saidu Musa, the tournament’s Chief Referee, who sent a document showing that the entry sign-in deadline was 1800hrs on Thursday, 28 October, 2021as against the players’ claims.

He explained further, however, that the fact sheet differs from the entry form the players had in their possession before arrival in Kano, and shared the factsheet for the tournament with Nigeria Tennis Live.

The tournament’s fact sheet shared with our correspondent which indicated that the signing-in for the competition ends by 1800hrs on Thursday, 28 October, 2021.

The players disagreed vehemently with the explanations of the Chief Referee as they insisted that they traveled all the way for the competition and had been informed about the deadline date which they put in mind before arriving for the competition.

As it stands, the players are aggrieved and there are chances they will boycott the matches at the tournament if this issue is not resolved within the shortest possible time.

Nigeria Tennis Live is presently monitoring the situation in Kano as the players are presently unhappy about the latest development which they claimed has never happened before.


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