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US-based Nigerian Tennis Star Delves Into Music, Releases Debut Single

One of Nigeria’s tennis exports to the Untied States of America, Sadiq Tswako, has shown how much of a multitalented individual he is. The former junior star has just released his debut single in the United States.

Tswako, who is now a proud graduate of Criminal Justice from the American University informed Nigerian Tennis Live about his new single which he believes is a stepping stone for him in his musical career.

Tswako during one of his training sessions in college

The song titled LC to the world is currently receiving airplays and reviews online as the young Nigerian seeks to carve a niche for himself in the music industry.

In a short chat with our correspondent, Tswako expressed his joy at finally finishing his education in the United States, but was not quite enthusiastic about returning to the country anytime soon, even though he mooted the idea of paying a short visit.

“I am happy to have finally completed my programme in the United States, but I am not coming back to the country anytime soon.

“My graduation is in July and possibly my next school starts in August.

“My plan is to play active tennis within the US but I’m yet to decide if I want to further my education or play full time tennis,” he explained.

Asked how easy it was for him to combine playing tennis and schooling, Tswako explained that it was not really an easy task but he owed it to himself to ensure that both went together as required.

According to him: “It was not easy, most especially when I had to do both tennis and school. But I did what I had to do.

“I really want to just focus on full time tennis. At least I have my first degree that I can always fall back on.”

For lovers of music, Tswako’s song can be downloaded via this link.


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