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Sponsors For 18 New Junior Tournaments Already Confirmed – NTF President

The president of the Nigeria Tennis Federation (NTF), Engr. Ifedayo Akindoju, has confirmed that no fewer than 18 sponsors have indicated their interest in sponsoring junior tournaments in the country.

Akindoju who only recently returned from an AGM of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) in Vietnam, told Naija Tennis Special that the people who indicated their interests were people he approached personally for sponsorship.

He noted that sponsorship is not be something that should be difficult to come by in the country since there isn’t much required for the organization of mini tournaments, especially in Nigeria.

NTF President, Dayo Akindoju, in a warm handshake with the ITF President during the AGM in Vietnam. 

“Competition of any form is healthy for players who train every now and then, and that’s why we are preparing seriously to have regular tournaments for Nigerian players, especially those in the junior cadre.

“I can categorically confirm that about 18 individuals (people whom I spoke with directly) are interested in sponsoring a junior tournament each. This means we have a minimum of 18 junior tournaments – which we hope to have annually – set for these players.

“I have met with chairmen of other tennis associations, to encourage them to also get people from their states to help sponsor tournaments too,” the NTF president told our correspondent.

Engr. Akindoju also noted that the ITF is willing to support the federation in every possible way after emphasizing that one does not necessarily have to go after corporate bodies to come for sponsorship, rather, one should approach individuals who will readily pledge their support.

“I have at least 100 people who can donate a million naira each. It does not even have to be up to that amount. If we can get N500, 000, it’s also fine.

“The ITF has also promised to help us in certain areas and having met with the executive director in charge of development in Africa, I believe they have us at heart,” Akindoju added.


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