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Kienka Keeps Mum Over Plans For Nigerian Tennis As Election Draws Near

One of strongmen of Nigerian tennis, Godwin Kienka, has refused to reveal his plans for the sport in the country as the countdown to the election of a new president for the federation continues.
Naija Tennis Special correspondent caught up with him recently and asked him – like other contesters – to explain why he wants to become the president of the Nigeria Tennis Federation (NTF) but his response was quite unconvincing.
Godwin Kienka is confident of becoming the next president of the NTF.
Kienka who is hailed within the tennis circuits in the country for his consistency in organizing tournaments for tennis players, noted that he would rather allow the results of the election do the talking.
While motioning to our correspondent that he would not respond to any questions, he said: “I’m not saying anything, not interested in talking.”
Asked why there have not been posters or noise about his ambition anywhere on the internet, he retorted: “internet doesn’t vote. The people who are voting are not even on the internet. How many of them read newspapers? Let’s leave the voting for those who will vote and wait for the results.
“The association chairmen are the ones voting and I have already done my work (underground).”
On what chances he stands to emerge as the next president of the federation, the director of the international tennis academy, stated with confidence: “let us all wait for the result on June 13 and see who will emerge as the winner.”
Come Tuesday, June 13, the board of the NTF alongside other federations in the country will elect new leaders and tennis enthusiasts, stakeholders, as well as the players will be waiting for the next administrator to take over from the Engr. Sani Ndanusa-led administration.
Naija Tennis Special will try to bring you up to speed with the news from the election; fresh and hot.


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