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Nigeria’s Roseline Nana Wins Third Tournament In Canada

In what was her third tournament in Canada, Nigeria’s Roseline Nana has blown her opponents away to win the Quebec championship.

Nigeria Tennis Live reports that the youngster had won two tournaments prior to this before going all the way to defeating all her opponents en route to winning the championship.

But while other tournaments seemed less challenging, the Quebec Championship forced the 10-year-old to dig deep and unleash some of her best talents to defeat her opponent in the final.

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Her dad, who has been her number one cheerleader, fan and supporter, told Nigeria Tennis Live that the youngster was all shades of beauty during the match, adding that the opponent she came up against was pound for pound her match.

“I must be sincere with you, she hits everything that looks green forcing Rose to go defensive for a while before finally coming off her shell but even at that it was pound for pound between them,” he told Nigeria Tennis Live.

Recall that the 10-year-old player is among 16 players (eight boys, eight girls) selected to represent Quebec in a forthcoming faceoff against Ontario.

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Nigeria Tennis Live gathered that this may not be unconnected to her recent performances in Canadian junior tennis tournaments where she has now won three tournaments back to back.

The Nigerian player who is currently training at the national centre, is one of the many players whom parents, coaches and tennis officials are on the look out for in Canada.

Nigeria Tennis Live will keep tabs on the player’s performance in tournaments in Canada as she continues her tennis development.


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