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Lagos Open Is Better Organised Than Some American, Canadian Tournaments – US-based Star

Ayeni Olukayode Alafia, a 19-year-old Nigerian tennis player born and raised in the United States has described the organization of the ongoing Lagos Open International Tennis Championships as one of the best.

The player who is of Nigerian descent, told Nigerian Tennis Live during an exclusive interview that he has played in several $25,000 tournaments in the US as well as in Canada, and some of them did not even measure up to the Lagos Open in terms of organization.

He noted that while some of the tournaments had good coordination, a few ‘ingredients’ were missing that would have made them even better. Some of these, he claimed, are present at the Lagos Open tournament.

Ayeni believes the organization of the Lagos Open is up there among the very best in other parts of the world.

According to him: “Compared to Canada and the US, it’s tough to say because there’s a wide kind of range.

“For example the tournament that I won was in Niagara Falls, the organization was err… not the best. But they made up for it. They had amenities for the players, they had uhmm… the location was amazing, they brought a lot of fans, the whole set up was amazing.

“And then you have another in Illinois in the US, for example, the organization was okay, but it just doesn’t feel good.

“But I think here, there’s a lot of people that came to watch. I think the set up is okay. The hotel too, I think Eko Hotel? From my experience and from a lot of my peers, they say that it’s a really good hotel. I’ve enjoyed staying there. That really makes everything more comfortable.

“The organization is pretty good and comparable to the ones in the US for sure, and in a lot of ways, it’s actually better. The only thing for me that was tough was the heat (laughs). As you can see, I’m already sweating inside,” the glasses-wearing tennis star noted.


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