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Italian University Offers Scholarship To Nigerian Tennis Players

Nigerian players will be able to enjoy a level of scholarship for a University program at the Rome City Institute, Nigeria Tennis Live can confirm.

The scholarship will be concluded on after a junior tennis tournament at the Italian International School, Lekki from 22-24 December, 2023.

Our correspondent gathered that the scholarship, an initiative of the Kones Tennis Cafe, run by Crystal Nnewi, will be in different phases for sixteen players, eight boys and eight girls.

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In a chat with Nigeria Tennis Live, Ms Nzewi, who currently works in Rome, Italy, noted that they give students the chance to study abroad while still playing competitively in their sport.

“We range from tennis, football, basketball, swimming, track and field etc,” she added.

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On how the scholarship will work and how Nigerian players can be of benefit, she explained that “The tennis tournament in Nigeria is a partnership between my company, Kones Tennis Cafe and them.

“With this tournament we want to start small and do it well. So we have 8 spots for boys and 8 for girls. All participants get a scholarship to come to Rome City and the runner up and winner get higher scholarships. We have a gap year program, undergraduate, and masters.

“We also offer high school. So there are so many opportunities for students in Nigeria. What I want to eventually do is find other sponsors to help the good players that we have who may not be able to pay the whole price”.

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Details of the scholarship on offer to Nigerian players who desire to school and play tennis at the Italian University.

She also confirmed that the scholarship was a part scholarship for the students, given that she has been unable to get sponsorships for full scholarships for the players.

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According to her: “We don’t have anyone else in terms of sponsorship. So this was the best I was able to do in terms of scholarships.

“We will also have an informational session at the end of the tournament. That way we can have people sign up for whatever sport they are interested in and we can set a meeting on giving scholarships for those who didn’t participate

Players who are interested in the competition and the scholarship will have to send the name of their schools and passport or proof of age to: [email protected].


  1. This is a noble idea. This is another opportunity for young Nigerian Tennis players to grow. I must commend the facilitators. Kudos


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