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EXCLUSIVE: US Varsity Announces Opening For Full College Tennis Scholarship (View Criteria)

Nigeria Tennis Live has confirmed an opening for full College Tennis scholarship for qualified Nigerian tennis players at the University of Minnesota.

This much was revealed by Lois Arterberry, the Head Coach at the University of Minnesota, who has been on the hunt for talented tennis players to join her team.

In a chat with Nigeria Tennis Live, the former Head Coach at the University of St Thomas noted that this opportunity is only open to top female players with a high UTR score.

The enthusiastic tennis coach had in the past made findings about Nigerian tennis players whom she believed were highly placed for College Tennis scholarships but not many qualified for the offer.

Coach Lois Arterberry

But when asked recently if there was any opening for tennis scholarships at the institution, she responded: “I have one for January but they have to be a top player. At least 9.4+ UTR for a full scholarship.”

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When quizzed further, she explained that the scholarship was for females only and that the players must be high school graduates already.

Recall that a number of Nigerian players have recently gained scholarship to play College Tennis in the United States.

The likes of Sadiq Tswako, Christopher Bulus, Venus Ubiebi, Oyinlomo Quadre, Martins Abamu, Jumai Mohammed, Mariam Alli-Balogun, Wilson Igbinovia, and most recently Oiza Yakubu are among the Nigerian players who have passed through or are still playing College Tennis in the United States.

This opportunity, Coach Arterberry reiterated, is for top players with very impressive UTR points and who have already finished High School or Secondary School, as the case may be.


  1. Good Day!
    My name is Amarachi Odoh my UTR is 3.50 - 5.50. I don't really play some competition due to financial issues and am done with my Secondary School Education thanks.

    • Hello Amarachi,

      It’s a shame that you won’t be able to enjoy this scholarship as you don’t meet the requirements.

      However, we’ll encourage you to keep putting in the work with your UTR and ensure you play tournaments, as these are the only ways you can benefit from this.

      Team NTL

    • Dear Adebowale,

      This scholarship is actually meant for people who have been playing tennis for a while and have attained a particular status.

      For the kind of scholarship you desire, you'll need to keep working hard on your tennis and keep putting in the work. Luck will smile on you, definitely.

      Team NTL.


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