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Dala Hard Court: David John Reveals Special Thing He Did To Go Far In Kano

David John was a menace at the recently-concluded Dala Hard Court Tennis Championship in Kano State, he hit unprecedented heights at the event.

Beyond reaching the semis from the qualifying rounds, this young man upset a number of seeded players, including the tournament’s number one seed and (then) defending champion, Uche Oparaoji.

The people who knew the player before the competition kicked off were as surprised as he was to have activated a rather unfamiliar passion in Kano.

“Everybody was shocked and happy because they never expected this from me. They were so happy and surprised,” David said about reactions to his performance during an interview with Nigeria Tennis Live.

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“I was very very happy because I never knew I was going to play to this level because I don’t always train. All I do is to coach players and make some money for my financial needs,” he added.

Having played to the second and third round at other national competitions in the past, reaching the semis in Kano was a feat nobody expected from this player from Plateau State.

Apart from the fact that many do not consider him a serious player, they are also mostly of the opinion that he lacks real motivation to thrive in competitions.

While he agreed with the what people said about him, the Abuja Tennis Club player revealed that reaching the heights he reached at the Dala event was a totally different experience.

“Ask anybody around about David, they’ll tell you that if there’s no money involved, he is not likely to perform well,” an anonymous source had told Nigeria Tennis Live during the Dala tournament in Kano.

And when he was asked if these allegation was true, he confirmed that the statement was very correct, even though that was not the case at the recent competition.

According to him: “Yes it is true. To be honest, yes. And the reason is that I cannot be serious with tennis when the government is not serious with tennis in Nigeria”.

But he also confirmed that “this was totally different, I did that to surprise the people who never thought I could amount to anything in tennis.”

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David honestly wants to go past the Secondary Education he currently has, but the bigger dream for him is to leave Nigeria for better opportunities abroad.

“My ambition is to move out of this country to help my tennis career, even if I will still continue coaching outside the country.

“Honestly. my motivation on the court is the money and the love for the game, otherwise, I wouldn’t be here,” the former Government Secondary School, Lugbe student offered.

After putting himself in the limelight for the very right reasons, Nigerians will have an aye on this young man who seems really determined to achieve whatever he sets his sights on.



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