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CBN Open: ‘Everybody Is Now Scared Of Oyinlomo’

After repeatedly defeating top players with unprecedented score lines, it appears as if every female player at the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Senior Open Tennis Championship is now wary of Oyinlomo Quadre.

For three consecutive matches now, Quadre has won with 6-2,6-2, 6-0,6-0 and 6-1,6-1 score lines, the latest being against former national champion, Blessing Samuel.

And after Thursday’s win against one of the tournament’s hopefuls, no player remaining in the tournament seemingly matches the youngster’s prowess.

According to one of the spectators at the tournament who preferred to be anonymous, Quadre, ranked 173 in the junior cadre of world tennis, is the most prepared player in the competition.

“She matches every player, stroke for stroke, mentally and even physically,” he told Nigeria Tennis Live.

Asked if the player may be able to get to the final and win the tournament, he was very positive.

He said: “I don’t see anybody who can beat her in this competition, I repeat, no player matches her ability here.”

Up next against Quadre is another experienced player, Blessing Anuna, who is the only hinderance between the youngster and a place in the final of the CBN Senior Championship.

Nigeria Tennis Live will keep monitoring the progress of the player as the tournament continues.


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