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After Unsuccessful Tour Of Europe, Nigeria’s Youngsters Return To Africa For Junior Tourneys

The Nigerian duo of Abayomi Phillips and Emmanuel Jebutu who had unsuccessful spells across Europe, have returned to Africa for junior tennis championships.

Nigeria Tennis Live learnt that the players who could not cope with the weather in Europe and the playing conditions, will be in Benin Republic from 16 March, for a Grade 5 championship.

Having gotten help to play in Denmark and Norway, the boys failed to win any of their Singles matches, while dropping several spots on the world rankings in the process.

But Nigeria Tennis Live checks have now revealed that the players will be back to the African continent to compete for honors against fellow Africans and see if they can get their blossoming career back on track.

As at Wednesday, 11 March, Abayomi was the tournament’s number seed with his 375 standing on the world rankings while Jebutu, ranked 736 in the world, is the competition’s number four seed.

Canice Abua, winner of the first leg of the Grade 5 event in Abuja, is also among the top seeds of the Cotonou tournament with his 857 ranking point just as other Nigerian players have signified interest in the competition.

Nigeria Tennis Live also scooped that Abayomi and Jebutu will be playing in Ghana, Togo and Cote D’Ivoire on their return to Africa as they seek to bounce back from their disappointing tour of Europe.

Tennis fans, followers and pundits will be monitoring the players’ progress on their return to the continent, as they hope to have them reclaim their top spots on the African scene.

Nigeria Tennis Live will keep monitoring the activities of the players as they continue with their tennis development which has seen them dominate the local scene for several years.


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