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Oyinlomo Set For Nigeria Return As Morocco, Tunisia Cancel ITF Tourneys Over Coronavirus Fears

Nigeria’s Oyinlomo Quadre will soon return to the country from Morocco following cancellation of Junior ITF competitions in the country over fears of Coronavirus.

Nigeria Tennis Live reports that the youngster was billed to participate in junior tennis competitions to boost her ranking points before returning to Nigeria for the National Sports Festival.

But she has now revealed that all the proposed competitions will no longer hold due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic which has killed thousands of people worldwide already.

In a brief chat with Nigeria Tennis Live, a disappointed Quadre stated that she would soon be back to Nigeria for the Sports Festival as other previously made plans have been canceled.

She said: “Everything has been postponed and cancelled due to the corona virus.

“I will be home soon for the festival.

“Also, my tournaments planned in Tunisia were also cancelled so we just have to be on the look out.”

The youngster who remains Nigeria’s number one female player, will be back to compete at the Sports Festival as one of the competition’s favourite players to clinch gold in the tennis event.

Nigeria Tennis Live will be on the look out for the talented African number two player, and report her activities at the event which will be played by a number of quality players.


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