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Lagos Open: Believe In Yourself, Oyinlomo Charges After Winning First WTA Points

Budding Nigerian tennis youngster, Oyinlomo Quadre, has encouraged Nigerian players to have strong belief in themselves, as this is one of the ingredients for success on the court.

In a brief chat with journalists at the players’ interview corner of the ongoing Lagos Open International Tennis Championships, Oyinlomo who picked her first WTA points after her 6-1, 6-0 win over fellow Nigerian Osariemen Airhunmwunde, stated that many players lack this during their matches.

She noted that she was always losing faith going into matches where she believed that her opponent was superior to her, and it mean that she had lost the match before even getting to hit the ball for once.

Oyinlomo Quadre wants other Nigerian players to add self belief to their games.

The youngster who is ranked among the top 300 world’s best juniors explained also, that the moment she became positive about winning, and she added a lil bit of fight, she started winning her games.

“If some of our players could add a little bit of self belief on the court, they would win games,” Oyinlomo noted.

“I used to think before matches that I could not win, and that made me lose games eventually. This is the mentality of an average Nigerian player too.

“If only we could add self belief, and believe truly that we can make it, many of us would still win some of our games,” she added.

The youngster is looking forward to a productive tournament as she has also set a semifinal target for herself even though she is not under to meet up with same.

The tournament continues on Tuesday with several other Nigerian players still in contention for places in the next round of the championship.

Nigerian Tennis Live will also be on ground to keep monitoring the developments from the championship and report to our teeming audience.


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