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GOODNEWS: TMC Working On 4-yr US Academy Sponsorship For MaryLove

Temple Management Company, the group which is presently sponsoring and supporting Nigeria’s tennis prodigy, MaryLove Edwards, will soon unveil a four or five-year plan to ensure that the youngster attends a US Academy.

Koye Sowemimo, the company’s head of sports made this disclosure to Naija Tennis Special during an excusive chat where he revealed other plans of the management company for the young champion.

According to him, the management company believes so much in the tennis star and will do everything within their power to ensure that she maximizes her potentials to its fullest.

MaryLove Edwards in action at the 2017 CBN Open. She lost in the final to Sarah Adegoke.

“We are working on her going to an Academy abroad, hopefully America. We are hopeful it would be this year,” Sowemimo told our correspondent during a conversation.

While commenting on her participation at the World Junior Tennis Championship in Tunisia, the sports enthusiast noted that: “her performance was good, the difficulty was the surface where the tournament was played; it is not something that she’s used to.

“The more she plays, the more she improves. She did her best and will be better for it.”

He revealed further that her stay at the academy will help her acquire tennis skills and academic skills which will further help her become a better individual.

“She’s going to be at the academy for a minimum of four o five years. The school is not just about Sports, but also academics so that when she graduates, she can also have an academic qualification from the Academy,” he added.

MaryLove is believed to be one of Nigeria’s brightest stars in the coming years as she has proven with her performance in recent years, the unprecedented CBN Open triumph being the most recent.


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