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Abiodun Orimoloye: A Helping Hand Across The ‘Gold Coast’

Those who know him closely say he is an extremely free human being who just wants the best for everyone around him. Abiodun Orimoloye is his name and this is what we know about him.

Barely two years since he came in contact with Nigerian tennis players and tennis sponsorship, this Ghana-based businessman has left the same impression with everyone.

Without being told, you can hardly know he is the MD/CEO of ATL Global Transport, a logistics company based both in Lagos and Ghana, because he just moves around without any inhibitions.

There’s hardly anybody who does not speak highly of this man whose helping hand from the Gold Coast seems to be having a huge effect on the Nigerian tennis players.

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An anonymous observer of this man’s deeds recently reached out to Nigeria Tennis Live and had this to say: “that man is not somebody we should keep quiet about, he deserves to be celebrated a lot.

“The issue with him is that he just does whatever he does and looks away like he didn’t do anything serious. He’s very unassuming, very gentle and very kind.

“This man has helped me and my daughter in tennis, and I’m really grateful to him. He did not send me to you o, I just thought you should know some of these things”.

A confirmation of this kind gesture was when Nigeria’s tennis team at the recent African Games was almost stranded due to the challenge with internet at the event.

Nigeria Tennis Live confirmed that he got all the players SIM Cards, loaded them with airtime and data and the players who had been erstwhile dull all week came back alive.

“One man met with us and just gave all of us SIM Cards and loaded them with data to be able to browse since the WiFi here has been next to nothing,” one of the players had said while explaining what happened.

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Not only did he get them SIM Cards to ease communication for them, he hosted the team to a memorable dinner after their silver and bronze medal wins for Nigeria at the Games.

They visited the prestigious Marriot Hotel in the heart of Ghana for a night of unhindered buffet where the players had anything they wanted to eat, with all bills on him.

Beyond just his immediate gestures for Nigerians is what he does for the tennis body in Ghana, where is currently domiciled with his family.

For two consecutive years, he has hosted a national junior open tennis tournament where over 200 players attended at the last edition in Ghana.

The WHITRAY Junior Championship, unsurprisingly, was also attended by Nigerian players – two of them, Nigeria Tennis Live gathered – from Nigeria.

The competition which is usually organized for players age 10-16 in Ghana’s sports-crazy capital city, also gives scholarships to winners in different age categories.

Ghanaian youngsters who are extremely passionate about tennis now look forward to this tournament, which is one of the few tournaments of this caliber that gives them the competitive edge that they desire after much practice.

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In addition to all that he does with for the tennis players, Mr. Orimoloye’s transport business which is pretty popular within and outside Accra and Lagos, is another means he reaches out to people.

For instance, when the name Orimoloye was mentioned, a parent’s face lit up as she had fond memories and only nice things to say about him.

The enthusiastic parent told Nigeria Tennis Live that “That man? He is such a nice and kind man. When we had to travel to Ghana for a tournament and we could not secure transport fare, he gave us his vehicles at a really huge discount.

“He’s very quiet and lowkey, but the things he does are really huge and are worth commending. Nigerians need to know more about this man”.

With the passion Mr. Orimoloye has for tennis, it may not be long before we see him hosting a national junior tournament in Nigeria. Who says no?

Before then, though, we just want to put this out there, to help Nigerians know how much this man does to promote tennis in Nigeria and tennis players.

Silently, he has been doing the lord’s work and his helping hand has crossed into Nigeria from the ‘Gold Coast’, aka Ghana where he is domiciled with his family.



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