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Tennis Decadence: Why Grassroots Tennis Is The Solution


Tennis is a game of love and passion, apart from health benefits, it encourages partnerships and brings people together from different walks of life.

I came in contact with Lawn Tennis in 2019 when I moved to Diamond Estate. Tennis an expensive sport with limited facilities in premium venues. It is not accessible to people in the grassroots and rural areas, it has, thus, limited the chances of participation.

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I started bouncing ball around August 2020 and since then my life has never remained the same. The confidence, the exposure and partnerships with so many health benefits are formidable.

This new discovery made me realize the segregation between the rich and the poor. If I hadn’t moved to this estate, I would not even know that my left hand is a goldmine. This is what prompted my advocacy for Grassroots Tennis Development.

Tennis opened my eyes to a new life entirely because I was able to build my life around it.

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The Purpose

The purpose of this article is to bridge the gap between the rich and the less privileged through grassroots tennis. I am urging the governments and private organizations to initiate full sports facilities in every Local Government area in Nigeria.

If a polling unit can exist in an area, dividends of good governance can reach all locality. 

Majority of tennis and sports facilities are privately owned. The less privileged can’t take part in the sport except stadiums whose proximity to the rural areas is not encouraging.

To play and enjoy tennis, one must get a coach, pay for membership fees, get tennis kits among other expenses.

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But if government and private organizations took it upon themselves to sponsor coaches and put them on salary; take tennis to the grassroots by building sports facilities in every local government, it will help curb terrorism, drug abuse, prostitution, cultism, armed robbery among other menace caused by idleness.

Sporting activities will engage the children and the youths as they now have dreams and careers to pursue.


Grassroots tennis activities are the best ways to win the hearts of children from less developed areas. e.g China, Norway, Denmark, Australia and even Rwanda for example have sports facilities that are opened to the public for free.

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This helped to aid health and support the less privileged in the rural area access to sports facilities.

This can be achieved through determination and cooperation. There are young talents who are hungry for success, all they need is discovery and provision of basic needs.

This young bloods will compete with their counterparts all over the world once they go through proper mentorship.


  1. Great initiative....God bless and nuture your visions to fruition in Jesus'name....


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