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AAG Camp Update: Coach, Players Speak On Fitness Level After Intense Drill

Coach Benson Ishicheli has spoken about the fitness level of the Nigerian tennis players who are currently in camp preparing for the All African Games.

He made his remarks after the players underwent an intense drill on Tuesday, 20 February, 2024, inside the tennis section of the National Stadium in Abuja.

All Africa Games Camp

Coach Benson as he is fondly called, noted that the players needed the drills they did because most of them were not accustomed to the level or situation of play they’ll meet in Ghana, venue of the All African Games.

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With a big smile on his face, the Davis Cup coach told Nigeria Tennis Live: “The drill we put them through today was a very intense one. Most of them needed it because it’s not something they are used to.

All Africa Games Camp

“Also, the drills were necessary so that they can hit the fitness level that is required for participation in a competition as tough as the All African Games”.

On his assessment of their fitness level, he noted that “they’re not there yet but they’re not too far away, because, to be honest, most of them may not have gone through this type of drill before.

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“If you ask the players themselves, they’ll tell you what they went through today. We shall continue with these drills this week until we hit that required fitness level before we focus on other aspects of the game.”

All Africa Games Camp

The players also confirmed the intensity of the drills as team captain, Uche Oparaoji noted that it was really massive, adding that “my joints are still feeling the intensity of the drills we had. It’s very necessary for what we’re going to face in Ghana.”

Anu Ayegbusi who also spoke about the session, noted that: “I really like it, to be honest, e make sense”.

Nigeria Tennis Live gathered that the players’ training session is likely to get more intense on Wednesday, 21 February, as they may be having three sessions as against the two they previously had on Monday and Tuesday.



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