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Why We Postponed ITF Workshop For Nigerian Umpires

The proposed ITF Workshop for Nigerian Tennis Umpires has been postponed.

Nigeria Tennis Live had reliably informed the general public, last week, that the ITF in conjunction with the Nigeria Tennis Federation (NTF) was planning a workshop for the tennis umpires this week.

The event which was scheduled to hold on Wednesday, 19 August, in Ekiti State, is an ITF-sponsored event which is expected to expose the Nigerian tennis umpires.

But the president of the Nigeria Tennis Umpires Association (NTUA), Kehinde Ijaola, has now revealed that the workshop has been postponed for obvious reasons.

In a chat with Nigeria Tennis Live on Tuesday morning, Mr. Ijaola explained that there was a breakdown of communication between the ITF and the NTF’s contact person due to a change of officials.

According to him: “Because the NTF changed the secretary in the past few months, and the NTF could not meet with her early enough, there was no proper communication between the ITF and the NTF.

“But this is not anything serious, everything will soon be resolved and the workshop will still hold.”

Asked when he believes the workshop will now hold, the Ogun state-based white badge Umpire explained that there are chances it will still hold in August.

“But I don’t have the details yet, as the NTF and ITF are yet to ratify the communication channel,” he added.

Meanwhile, Engr. ‘Dayo Akindoku, the NTF President, is said to be really pleased with the umpires’ quest for more knowledge and their keen interest in having the workshop organized.

The NTF President is reportedly making frantic efforts to ensure the event holds as soon as possible, this, our correspondent learnt, is owing to the fact that he has been really excited about the plans the umpires have.

“The NTF President is working really hard to ensure we hold this workshop because he seems really impressed with our quest for knowledge,” Mr. Ijaola told Nigeria Tennis Live.


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