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What I Will Do When I Finally Beat Murewa – Malcolm Osaji

Malcolm Osaji has lost every final he has played against his friend and tennis partner, Murewa Egbeyemi, but it does not seem like a big deal to the youngster.

Last weekend’s loss at the Sapetro Futures Tennis Championship made it the seventh consecutive final young Malcolm was losing to Murewa, but he sounded undisturbed.

Malcolm looks up to his dad for inspiration during his recent final loss to Murewa Egbeyemi inside the Lord Rumen’s Court, Lagos Lawn Tennis Club, Onikan, Lagos. Photo credit: Nigeria Tennis Live

Asked how he takes the defeat each time it happens, he said: “Well… I don’t feel bad. I only feel that I need to put in more efforts.”

But Malcolm cannot wait to earn his first win against his friend.

He told Nigeria Tennis Live that: “I’ll feel good when I win him that one time. And when I win that first time, I’ll keep winning him.

“I’ll keep winning him because by then, I’ll know what to do.”

Just one win is all Malcolm says he needs, to finally break the jinx against his friend, and keep on winning because he’ll keep winning. Photo credit: Nigeria Tennis Live

After every loss, the youngster does a bit of reflection, though and affirms that “I just have to put in more efforts.”

His dad, Jude Osaji, an unrepentant tennis player and enthusiast is his coach, and he loves it when his old man comes to cheer him up.

“I like it because my dad is my coach,” Malcolm said.

Malcolm’s dad and coach gave him a standing ovation in spite of his loss against Murewa. What a man! Photo credit: Nigeria Tennis Live

But when asked what transpires between them during a typical match day, our 10-year-old budding star would rather keep it close to his chest.

“Well… it’s personal,” Malcolm retorted and we all agreed with him.

All eyes will now be on him and his friend as Nigeria’s next tennis sensations and trophy, championship hopefuls in the nearest future.

Will they live up to these expectations? Time will tell.


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