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WEEKEND SPECIAL: The Task Ahead Is Enormous, Like Starting All Over – Akindoju

Newly-elected president of the Nigeria Tennis Federation (NTF), Dayo Akindoju, has confessed that the task ahead of him is quite enormous, but added that he is up to the task.

In an exclusive chat with Naija Tennis Special, Nigeria’s number one tennis blog, the former chairman of the Tennis Association in Abuja, explained that he was quite aware of the enormous work that needs to be done to salvage Nigerian tennis.

Mr. Dayo Akindoju curiously looking into the future for what is next in Nigerian tennis.

According to him, that was the main reason he took up the mantle of leadership and put himself up for possible election into the country’s highest governing body in the sport.

Asked how he felt after his announcement as the newly-elected chairman of the NTF, the ebony tennis administrator said: “I was happy… it went the way we thought it would go.

“Although emotions were tied around here and there, it came out successfully and here we are today.”

Nigerian tennis lovers and enthusiasts are already anticipating and waiting anxiously for the new changes he would bring to the sport in the country and he is not even one to shy away from the responsibilities.

Mr Akindoju (middle) flanked by some of his ‘partners in development’

“We’ve got the opportunity to change tennis because that was exactly why we came around to vie for this post.

“We knew the work was enormous, like starting tennis allover again, but that was why we wanted to come on board,” Akindoju said with his trademark smile.

The task ahead of the NTF is indeed enormous and the players as well as other lovers of the sport are already waiting eagerly for what the next set of the NTF leaders will bring to the table.

At Naija Tennis Special, we are also curious to know what new changes will befall tennis in the country in the next couple of years.

In subsequent edition of WEEKEND SPECIAL, we shall present the players, coaches and administrators’ request for the NTF President.

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