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Very Organized! Parents Hail Private Schools Tennis Tourney Organizers

Parents who attended the recently held Invitational Tennis Tournament inside the Italian International School, Lekki, have shared their thoughts.

In separate chats with Nigeria Tennis Live during the one-day competition, parents confessed to liking the ambience and the organization of the competition which they believe will grow even bigger over time.

Mr. Patrick Chidolue, one of the parents at the event, noted that the event was one of the most organized he had attended, despite the short notice and the duration.

He also hailed the organizers, while noting that despite being in its first year and edition, the tournament has already lived to certain standards.

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The co-founder of and one of the sponsors of the event further stated that “if they continue like this, it may not be long before this tournament becomes a toast of the town.

“Kudos to the organizers, this was one of the best organized events that I’ve attended in recent times, and my daughter, Alissa, who’s an aspiring world champion, will also benefit from tournaments like this.”

Another parent who spoke about the competition was Mrs. Chinwe Igboanugo, whose ward was playing a tennis tournament for the first time.

She explained that the Year 3 youngster was failing badly because she had not taken tennis seriously, but after seeing other kids at the tournament, it has fueled her desire to want to do better.

Mrs. Igboanugo

“This is her first time, she has been failing badly. So, the plan is to help her with extra tennis lessons as soon as possible.

“Initially, we just saw tennis as an extra-curricular activity. But seeing other children play now, I believe we should take it seriously,” Mrs. Igboanugo told Nigeria Tennis Live.

For Mrs. Banke Egbemiye, this was not her children’s first attendance at a junior tennis event, but she still felt tense watching them play.

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“We’ve played at Ikoyi Club once and they won. We also participated in events at Lagos Lawn Tennis Club and the National Stadium.

“I always feel tense whenever I am watching them live, because I want them to win. If they make any mistake, I just exclaim.

“But it’s good when you see them among other players. Tennis is good, the more you play the better you become,” she said.

Mrs. Egbemiye

When asked why she loves tennis, Mrs. Egbemiye explained that “there’s this carriage that tennis has. The setting is always mature and it’s not rough. It’s a game where you stand for yourself. “It’s like a friendly game, you know. “.

Speaking on the organization of the Invitational Private School Tennis competition, she told Nigeria Tennis Live that “I was happy when they said all of them will play at this tournament.

“The next one, we want more people, more schools so that the competition will be sterner.

“I like this one because it is calm and not rough”.


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