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Valentine’s Day: Cadbury Brings Families Together At Lagos Country Club

Having families come together to participate in sporting activities has to be one of the most amazing feelings, but to do it during Valentine defies expression.

And this was what the Tennis Section of the Lagos Country Club did with a one-day family tennis competition organized to bring families together.

The competition sponsored by Cadbury Nigeria PLC was one of the most interesting gatherings of families.

Husband and wife, father and daughter, mother and son were paired to play against one another. It was a fun-filled affair.

All the couples came together and were in put in different groups in which they were made to hit balls against one another.

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The serves started coming in. Heavy, fast, weak, double faults, unforced errors, ground strokes, top spins, impeccable backhands shots and dangerous forehands were employed by all the families involved.

Beyond the display of tennis skills, it was a show of love, respect and admiration for one another as the husbands corrected their wives multiple times, with the wives doing the same.

“Daddy, next time, just slice the ball, don’t go for winners,” daughters told their fathers while the sons were encouraging their mothers to “go for the kill and finish the game up”.

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Cadbury Nigeria, renowned for supporting family-safe ideas and events must have been really proud to have been associated with this kind of event that brought smiles to faces of couples and also helped families bond together during a competition.

At the end of the tournament, the winners were given amazing gifts for their efforts including cash prizes. But that was not the most interesting part.

The most interesting part of the event was the photo sessions, it was so obvious, from the families that attended, that they had a nice time. But beyond having a nice time, it was a Valentine’s Day well spent.

Kudos to the Tennis Section of the Lagos Country Club for the initiative, the families who volunteered to participate and most importantly, Cadbury Nigeria PLC, for sponsoring such a beautiful family time.



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