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Too Strong – Nigerians Shocked By Ogunsakin’s Debut J30 Performance

Seyi Ogunsakin was clearly a delight to watch when he played his first ever Junior ITF match at the ongoing J30 Abuja event.

The unseeded player with zero experience in ITF competitions, was a tough nut to crack for his opponent Yulin Li, who had played several ITF tournaments across the globe before traveling to Nigeria.

Ogunsakin, 13, was surprisingly unyielding during his match against his 15-year-old opponent, and deservedly won the second set after some strings of fine perfomances.

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During the match which was played on the centre court of the tennis section inside the National Stadium, Abuja, spectators could not help but heap encomiums on young talented Nigerian.

“This boy is too strong,” one of those who watched on the sidelines said to nobody in particular, after being impressed by Ogunsakin’s resilience on the court.

Yulin Li

Another spectator who could not believe the Nigerian player was participating in his first ever ITF event, said: “O boy, this boy no get respect o. He no even fear the size of the opponent. He just kept attacking the guy, and defended properly too”.

While commenting on the performance of booth players, one commentator said: “I believe what happened in that match is that the Chinese guy underrated Seyi and he was shocked to see what the boy was doing.

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“He never expected someone with that height and stature to pose so much of a problem to him, but he was brought to earth with that performance.

“Their father must be extremely proud of their achievements, he and his brother. They are so so good on the court and they never give up”.

Seyi Ogunsakin

What Nigerians are excited about the most about this Ekiti-born tough playing youngster, is the fact that he gives Nigerians a breathe of fresh air in male tennis despite the repertoire of talents at the country’s disposal.

All eyes will be on this talented TPPA-UTR National U-16 champion as he continues his tennis journey in the coming years.

Nigeria Tennis Live will also definitely keep tabs on the development of the player and report his progress to our teeming readers scattered across the globe.



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