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Senegal ITF Futures: Oyinlomo, Lovett, Aminat Battle Tough Opponents For 2nd Round Slots

The trio of Oyinlomo Quadre, Aminat Quadri and Donatus Lovett are in the Main Draws of the Women’s ITF Futures presently being played in Dakar, the capital city of Senegal.

While Lovett had to dig deep to defeat her British counterpart in the final set, Oyinlomo had an easy ride as she saw off her French counterpart in two straight sets while Aminat did not have to go through any stress as she qualified for the Main Draws by ‘walking over’ her opponent.

Oyinlomo strolled into the Main Draws of the Women’s ITF Futures in Senegal like a boss…

Nigerian Tennis Live reported on Sunday, 12 November, that Sarah Adegoke, one of the players who left Nigeria for the pro-circuit, was badly beaten despite being 6-4, 5-2 up in the second set, but she will be playing in the doubles event on Monday.

The draws pitched Loveth against Warona Mdlulwa, a Wild Card entrant from South Africa, while Sarah and Oyinlomo will partner to play against Sizikova Yana and Vaselinovis Ana, the number one seed in the Doubles event.

Oyinlomo and her sister, Aminat, will have to wait until Tuesday before they play their matches against Emily Webley-Smith from Britain and Alexander Rily from the United States respectively.

Nigerians will be expecting a good outing for the female players, especially Oyinlomo, who is making just her third appearance at an ITF pro-circuits after playing two matches at the Futures 4 & 5 in Lagos a few weeks ago.

Nigerian Tennis Live will be on the look out for the latest developments from the West African country and publish the players’ results after their matches.


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