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REVEALED: How ‘Coach’ Marylove Cheered Team Nigeria To Victory At ITF/CAT AJC Qualifiers In Togo

Facts have emerged on how Nigerian tennis sensation, Marylove Edwards, was a player/coach during one of the matches of Team Nigeria at the ongoing ITF/CAT AJC Qualifying series in Lome, Togo.

Edwards, ranked 551 in the world juniors, was seen in a video, doing the dab with one of her colleagues, as a way of celebrating the team’s recent victory against Ghana in the doubles event.

Coach Abel Ubiebi who led the team to the championship in Lome, was full of ecstasy when his players showed great sportsmanship after their win, and captured the moment on camera.

He would further reveal that he was very impressed with the youngster who was busy on the bench skippering and coaching her colleagues who were on court as she was not playing the doubles.

According to the coach who commented on the video of the players in ecstatic mood: “This is exciting after winning the doubles match against Ghana.

“Marylove was on the bench as the captain/coach for the team during the match.”

What a moment of pride it would have been for the youngster to see her teammates win as a result of her input into the team even though she was not in court with them.

The players are hoping for a place in the final of the competition having already conquered the boys and girls 16 doubles in the first phase of the championship.

Nigeria Tennis Live will keep tabs on the players and record their progress in the tournament and report to our teeming audience from all over the world.


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