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Quadre Planning To Play National Tournaments In Morocco

Nigeria’s number one female tennis player, Oyinlomo Quadre, has told Nigeria Tennis Live that she is planning to return to Morocco to play national tournaments there.

The 17-year-old tennis youngster made this revelation after playing a warm up exhibition match against fellow youngster, Michael Ayoola.

Quadre, ranked 132 in world juniors, explained that she cannot wait to return to her base in Morocco, in order to get back her match fitness and prepare for more ITF tournaments across the globe.

Speaking on how she felt after returning to the court for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic gripped the world, the WTA ranked 945th player, stated that she was very excited.

“I was very excited for this match, I was having no pressure, it was Michael, I am very familiar with him. He is a good player.

“I have been practicing months, maybe three times a week, with Coach Abel Ubiebi, so, I was really looking forward to this match, to get back competitively,” Quadre said.

“There are matches starting all over the world, but not yet in Africa. So, it was a really exciting match.”

She also explained why she found it difficult to finish up the match in record time.

“Mentally, I lost focus a bit, because I was 5-2 up, second set and he came back five all. Because of my pressure and everything, I started to make mistakes.

“So, I just tried to remember that I had been doing this in practice, and this is, after all, a practice match, so, I decided to just try other things and after that I started to play better.

“I think if I start playing more matches, it would be more tense than this. So, I think I really need more matches to actually get back on track,” the Nigerian Slam winner enthused.

The Aces Academy upstart revealed her plans to get back to competitive action fully, including her hope for sponsorship.

According to her: “I am (looking forward to getting back competitively) and the calendar is out, but most tournaments are not sure, especially in Africa, and also, most countries are not like flying out yet.

“I’m supposed to go back to Morocco soon, because there are national tournaments there and I can get prepared there. But that, I also haven’t found a flight. If I see a flight, I’m scheduled to go back in two weeks.

“If I see a flight, that’s my plan. Right now, I will go back to Morocco, start playing national tournaments and wait for ITF tournaments.

“I actually need sponsors for my trips, because next year is my last year in the Juniors, so, I have to try to play as many tournaments as I can and I cant do that without a sponsor, so, this exhibition match is another way of trying to get a sponsor when there are no tournaments at the moment.”


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