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Plays, Moves Like Monfils – Tennis Fans Across The Globe Hail Seyi Ogunsakin

With his lightning-fast reflexes, agile footwork, and powerful shots, Seyi Ogunsakin has drawn comparisons to French tennis star Gael Monfils.

The similarities are uncanny, and many believe Ogunsakin is destined for greatness. His defensive skills are particularly impressive, leaving opponents struggling to find a way past him.

Tennis fans across the globe unanimously identified the Nigerian tennis junior as the next Monfils after a recent video of him made the rounds on Instagram.

Watch video below:

The youngster was captured by Nigeria Tennis Live, during the recent J30 Abuja ITF event in Nigeria, where he was deemed too strong for his opponent, Yulin Li from China.

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Ogunsakin secured a hard fought victory over his more experienced opponent after the Chinese retired at the start of the final set of their second round encounter.

The video of the Ekiti-born player securing a point during the encounter has since gone viral on the social media application, sending shock waves down the spines of people who watched.

Gael Monfils

With over a 120,000 (one hundred thousand) views and more than 5,000 (five thousand) people liking the video, the video is one of the most viewed on Nigeria’s most authoritative tennis platform, and the comments were majorly in favour of the talented tennis prodigy.

The highlight of his match was a stunning ending lob that left the crowd in disbelief. It was a shot that showcased his exceptional talent and hinted at a bright future ahead.

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Ogunsakin’s performance sparked excitement among tennis enthusiasts, who are eagerly watching his progress.

Many of the commentators were surprised Nigeria could have such a talented player who reminded them of Monfils, a former world number six player.

Seyi Ogunsakin

Ogunsakin, one of the commentators said, plays and moves like the 37-year-old French tennis player, an indication that the Nigerian youngster has potentials to reach great heights.

An Instagram user with the handle @instagrahamslam wrote: “Plays and moves like Monfils!” while another user @eladgy called him “le petit Monfils”.

@quincyy.khann who believes that the youngster has a bright future ahead of him dubbed him “next gael monfils” while @karthick_mohan_, an athlete and engineer also called Ogunsakin “small Monfils”.

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Another tennis enthusiast, @notwelsey who commented on the video, analyzed how good the Nigerian tennis sensation is, stating: “You know he’s a good player when he gets mad at shots during the point that don’t go where he wants them to”.

As this player continues to make waves in the tennis world, one thing is clear: the sky is just the starting point for him.

With his talent, dedication, and passion, he is poised to reach dizzying heights and make Nigeria proud. Get ready to hear more about Seyi Ogunsakin – the name that’s set to become synonymous with excellence in tennis!


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