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‘Players Will Not Be The Same Again After Coronavirus Pandemic’

Coach Abel Ubiebi has warned that players are not likely to return to full form after the Coronavirus pandemic has been overcome.

The CEO of Aces Tennis Academy made this known during a live session with Nigeria Tennis Live on Instagram, where he explained that the pandemic has affected a lot of people.

Since the grounding of tournaments and commencement of the lockdown, players, coaches and tennis officials have been without activities, and this may have affected their form, according to Coach Ubiebi.

Asked how he thinks this pandemic may have affected players and coaches, he said: “It is going to distort the system of every active tennis player.

“Every player who is serious needs to find how he will get busy.

“It’s going to be difficult in this part of the world because there will be no space for you to practice.”

Speaking further, the certified PTR Tester explained that: “Like we all know, fitness takes 60-55 per cent of the game, so, if you can still maintain your fitness at this time, after the lockdown, it will be easier for you to get back.

“But quite frankly, no player can return to the fitness level they used to have immediately, this will take a while.

“Players should find a way to keep fit, even when they’re at home.”


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