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Oyinlomo Voted Nigeria’s Most Outstanding Junior Player Of Year 2017

Young Nigerian tennis sensation, Oyinlomo Quadre has been voted Nigeria’s most outstanding tennis player of year 2017.

In a poll conducted by Nigerian Tennis Live on the tennis blog’s Twitter handle @naijatennis, Oyinlomo defeated Christopher Bulus, Marylove Edwards and Gabriel Inyang to emerge as Nigeria’s best young player of the outgoing year.

She tennis prodigy amassed 47% of the votes to rank first while Bulus came second with a total of 29% of the votes.

According to the votes, Oyinlomo is Nigeria’s most outstanding young player of 2017.

US-based Edwards came third with 18% of the votes while Inyang came fourth, having just 6% of the total votes cast by friends and followers of the tennis youngsters.

This was a first by Nigeria’s number one tennis site as the year runs out and another category of the voting has since commenced on the Twitter handle.

To vote for the best female player of year 2017, you can follow this link to vote either Sarah Adegoke, Blessing Samuel, Christie Agugbom or Anu Aiyegbusi in the next series of the voting process.

There shall be categories to be contested before the end of the year. Congratulations to Oyinlomo, Nigerian Tennis Live‘s most outstanding young player of the year.

Here’s how people voted:

This was how the people voted for the best young player of the year 2017.


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