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Organizers Reveal Registration Deadline For AZIMUTH Shipping Lines Junior Tennis Tourney

Organizers of the AZIMUTH Shipping Lines Limited Junior Tennis Tournament have announced the date for the end of registration for the championship.

According to information made available to Nigeria Tennis Live, registration for the third edition of the annual junior tennis competition is 12 noon on Monday, 13 January.

Coach Richard Inyang, the event’s organizer, stated that they have already been overwhelmed with the number of people who are interested in registering for the competition.

He explained that: “We already have 207 registered players; that’s really huge. I wish I can close the registration today, but we have to abide by our initial promise of closing the registration in the afternoon today.

“But is good for us, it shows people love to play Azimuth Shipping Lines Tennis Championship, and that we are doing something right, especially with the testimonies that have been following their participation.”

Arrival for the competition remains Sunday, 19 January, while the competition is billed to kick off on Monday, 20 January.

Nigeria Tennis Live will continue updating our followers and readers from every part of the world with the latest report from the competition which rewards winners with education grants.


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