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NTF Inches Closer To Securing High Performance Centre As Portuguese Developer Storms Nigeria

Nigeria may just be a few months away from securing a High Performance Centre in the country following the expected arrival of a Portuguese ITF Developer.

The unnamed ITF Developer who was recently hired by Bahrain, is expected to be in the country any moment from now, and is likely to spend a minimum of two weeks in the country.

This is coming barely days after the visit of Ilou Lonfo, an ITF Development Officer for West and Central Africa, who spent one week in Nigeria, meeting with players and coaches in a bid to ensure preparations for the High Performance Centre.

Engr. ‘Dayo Akindoju, the President of the Nigeria Tennis Federation (NTF) who was excited about the prospects of having a High Performance Centre in Nigeria, informed Nigeria Tennis Live of the imminent arrival of the ITF Developer.

He said: “The man is coming from Portugal and he’ll be here for a minimum of two weeks. He’s likely to be here three times this year.

“He’s a specialist in development and was recently hired by Bahrain. The major person pushing for it is Lonfo, but the man coming is a respected ITF Developer and we will be pleased to host him.”

Speaking on the recent visit of Lonfo, Engr. Akindoju stated: “No fewer than 20 coaches from different parts of the country came in for the training.”

“He’s spoken with the NOC, the coaches and some players and he’s very keen on the High Performance Centre.”


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