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Nigeria’s Toyin Asogba Reaches First Final In France

Nigeria’s Toyin Asogba has reached her first final in a French tournament since she left for France a few weeks ago, Nigeria Tennis Live has gathered.

The Nigerian female tennis player who traveled to France to train and play tournaments, reached the semis of her first ever tournament but she has now gone further by reaching the finals of another tournament.

She told our correspondent that the competition, which is played by some of the best players from France, was a really tough one, especially, because of the caliber of players.

But according to Asogba, she had to dig deep to reach the finals of the Tournoi Open TC Roquettes by beating Lou Lasbugues, a top-rated French player, 6-3, 7-6.

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“Asogba is in the final!” the excited former Ikorodu-based tennis player told Nigeria Tennis Live after reaching her first ever final on foreign soil.

“Omo, that girl dey play fire o, she’s so good, but I had to dig deep to beat her in the second set.

“I’m enjoying the back-to-back tournaments here and I believe that I am getting better, especially with the caliber of players that I’m playing against every week,” the Avignon Bathelasse player said.

Toyin Asogba

She also added: “I was initially bothered about my opponent because of all the good things I had heard about her, but when we started the match, I felt like it was something I could win, that’s why I fought so hard to win the match.

“Even though I know that I am very fit, this lady appears even fitter than I am, and I felt I stood no chance, but the little chance I saw, I took it, and that’s why I won.

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“I’m really looking forward to winning this final, because I’ve been working really hard since I got here and I believe this is my chance to win the competition.”

The final match is scheduled to take place later today and the Nigerian player will be looking forward to showing how much she has grown in the past few weeks by striving to win the competition.

Nigeria Tennis Live will keep tabs on her and the match and report the outcome to our teeming audience scattered across the globe.



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