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Nigeria’s Oyinlomo Is No. 5 Seed In Grade 2 ITF Circuit Holding In South Africa

In spite of her 19 places drop on the ITF Junior Circuit, Nigeria’s Oyinlomo Quadre is the number five seed of a Grade 2 Junior ITF Circuit in South Africa, Nigeria Tennis Live has gathered.

Quadre who vowed to bounce back from her recent setback where her ranking points were chopped off following her inactivity in the junior cadre of the ITF competition, will be playing in the competition in Stellenbosch from 9-14 September, 2019.

According to our findings, the bronze medal will be competing against top players from other parts of the world for honours when the tournament kicks off next week Monday inside the Maties Tennis Club.

She informed Nigeria Tennis Live that she would use the tournament as a stepping pad to regain her top spot on the continent and in the world after dropping 19 places in the recently released ranking by the ITF.

“Because of the African Games, I wasn’t able to defend my points this year so I am expected to lose a lot of points soon.

“So my next target is to play more tournaments to improve my ranking in the juniors and WTA level,” Quadre told our correspondent during a recent chat.

With the recent Xenophobic attacks in South Africa and Nigerians unsettled with the country’s attitude to fellow citizens in the country, it is yet to be seen if she would be participating in the ITF competition.


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