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New NTF Board Holds First AGM As Members Work On Rebranding Nigerian Tennis

All roads lead to Package B of the National Stadium, Abuja for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Nigeria Tennis Federation (NTF) which is believed to be a step towards the rebranding of the sport in the country.

Nigerian Tennis Live sought to find out details of the AGM from Coach Rotimi Akinloye, the NTF’s technical director, and he explained that the meeting will yield positive fruits, especially since the issue of constitution (among others) would be discussed.

The NTF President, Engr. Ifedayo Akindoju, is already buzzing over their first ever AGM.

He said: “According to the agenda, it is to ratify the federation’s constitution. As a technical man, mine is to chart a way to get tournaments; senior and junior, sponsorship, marketing, rebranding and trying to improve on what the last time administration started up..

“The constitution has been a concern, as well as the lack of tournaments both junior, seniors. It is believed that if we have quality tournaments here, it will rub off on the players and we shall get great results when we compete on the circuits.”

Nigerian Tennis Live had reported earlier that every association chairman and their secretaries are being expected for the first ever AGM under the current dispensation.

Meanwhile, the 31st edition of the Dala Hard Court Tennis Championship preliminaries has served off in the ancient city of Kano with over 140 players already in the country for the qualifying rounds of the tournament.

Our correspondent shall ensure a report on each of the activities going on in this second half of the year.


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