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NCC Tennis League: Organizers Give Important Update Ahead Of 2020 Season

Plans to restore the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC Tennis League) are already in place, Nigeria Tennis Live can authoritatively report.

The league which has not only improved the fitness level of Nigerian players, but also added to their annual earnings, did not hold for the first time in about six years during the 2019 tennis season.

In separate interviews with our correspondent, several players lamented the absence of the competition and how it affected their fitness level and performance in the 2019 tennis year.

But the International Tennis Academy (ITA), the body responsible for the organization of the competition, has revealed to Nigeria Tennis Live that there are already plans to get the tournament back on track for the 2020 tennis season.

According to Godwin Kienka, the ITA Director, the tournament suffered the setback in 2019 due to a few challenges experienced along the way.

But he has now informed our correspondent that: “We have started the process already and we are trying to get it back on track for the new year since it could not hold last year.

“We know how much the players lost last year, especially their fitness level and competitiveness, so we are already working really hard to ensure the mistake of last year does not repeat itself.”

The NCC League is the only one of its kind in the whole of West Africa and is contested by junior and senior tennis players scattered across the country.

Nigeria Tennis Live will make sure to give it a wide coverage and ensure that our followers do not miss any action from the league which will take players to every part of the country for competition.


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