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MUST READ: What Coaches Said About Abel Ubiebi After Week-long PTR Coaching Course

Coach Abel Ubiebi of the Aces Academy recently organized a Coaches Certification Course for PTR Testers at the National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos State.

No fewer than eleven coaches were in attendance for the event which lasted over one week.

After the event, the coaches received their certificates of attendance and returned to their various destinations, but the lessons learnt, friends made and memories from the week-long event remain indelible in their hearts.

In this special interview with Nigeria Tennis Live, the participants, including a coach who traveled all the way from Borno State to attend the event, revealed what they learnt from the coaching course and the facilitator, Coach Ubiebi

Below is the feedback from the event:

Name: Ibrahim Babatunde Balogun
Course: 3-10/ 11-17
It was not easy to be honest, waking up at home from 4:30am coming from Awoyaya in Ibeju Lekki to National Stadium throughout the duration of the course. I believe the course is for only coaches who have passion for coaching Job. I learnt so many things simple/hard but if I didn’t attend the course, I wouldn’t have understood.

I introduced it immediately on Saturday to my 7-year-old player. 3-10 11-17 PTR training course is fun and intense. Coach Abel is a calm coach and ready to repeat what he said so that we would understand what he was explaining.

Name: Samuel Jonah
The course was wonderful and I must applaud Coach Abel for introducing PTR to Nigerian tennis coaches. I thought I knew everything until I attended the PTR course. Coach Abel taught me a lot. Using the coaches for under 3-5 as kids was wonderful. Coach Abel changed my method of teaching to the professional ways of teaching.

I used to teach adults from across the net but now I have so many ways of teaching them without difficulties. I learnt different ways of teaching serves. Teaching serves is one of my difficulties but now I know what to do to make it easy for my clients and for myself. Coach Abel you are too good.

Name: Ola Tobi
Course: 3-10. 11-17
To me, the course was an eye opener. A lot of knowledge was impacted into me and teaching was made easy. Thanks to PTR, thanks to Coach Abel.Now I have a bigger target of building my own future champions.

Name: Emeka Nwazue
So glad I was there to learn how to teach the 3-5 and 11-17 grades, I could describe it as perfection guide. Thanks to Ubiebi Abel and co. Made coaching process fun for me.

Name: Samuel Samuel
Course: 10 and under/11-17
I really learnt a lot from coach Abel. He really widened my coaching world as a coach. I was able to understand that the age rate and growth in children of the same age is different and this has a significant effect in what they can learn and do. I have also understood that different balls are being used to coach different children depending on their age and level of play like the red or foam ball is for the 3-5, 6, 7 and the orange ball is for 8-9 while the green ball is for the 9-10 category. I have also learnt that as a good coach, I should always have a written session.

Name: Friday Ovat
Course: U3-10 & U11-17
Observation: I was an ex-participant during the adult development course and it wasn’t as educative as the U3-10 and U11-17. I learnt a lot from the course, knowing how to handle kids of those age, knowing the high performance players, the kind of drills to give them and the kind of equipment to use for them. Knowing how to communicate with kids, knowing how to encourage and motivate them, knowing how to correct errors during skills demonstration, knowing how to manage my time and as well knowing how to engage parents and marketing my brand as a professional coach. It was really a tremendous and educative time. I would like to use this medium to say a very big thank tou to the tester aka (World Coach), Coach Abel Ubiebi. He’s one of the best testers I’ve ever encountered. I also want to thank PTR for introducing this course to us, it’s an eye opener to perfect and improve our coaching skills.

Name: Onuoha Nonye
Course: 3-5/ 11-17
Observation: My experience in the PTR 2019 March batch was awesome and amazing courtesy of Coach Abel and my fellow participants. I saw coaching from almost a new perspective. I improved on what I already knew and learnt new skills like serves and volleys at the net.

Name: Braimoh Musa
Course. 3-5/11-17
Observation: It was a wonderful experience working Coach Abel. For the first time, I worked with a coach who made understand some things in perfect ways in tennis, and also with the group of friends, it was a perfect and wonderful learning curve for me.

Name: Samuel Audu Jonah (aka pastor)
Course: 3-5/11-17
The course was perfect and sweet because I learnt so many things. There were many things I was doing in the African way but now I thank God for PTR and my mentor, Coach Abel. I learnt how to coach 3-5 differently from 11-17. To my mentor, Coach Abel, he is a wonderful guy and he knows how to treat people according to their characters.

Name : Yusuf Amos
Course : PTR coaching
Observations : Let me start by saying I traveled the farthest for this course. The quest for knowledge necessitated my decision to travel all the way from Maiduguri to Lagos. The whole experience was after all worthwhile.

Let me begin by applauding the Coach, trainer, tester, teacher, moderator and a friend. Thinking of one word to describe him is difficult but I can simply say he is AMAZING. He created an atmosphere of brotherhood among participants, making teaching and learning easy, interesting, captivating, exciting and motivating. Breaking down learning process from simple to complex, thereby stimulating participation, interest and motivation among members.

The class interactive session was simply amazing with thought-provoking arguments and brainstorming contributions of different experiences among members. The participants were simply wonderful. Made new friends in Tobi, Emeka, Samuel, Ahmed, 33 man, Braimoh my best friend, Nonye – the only lady in class, among others. I can never forget the experience. Thank you, coach.



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