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MUST READ: US-based Star Predicts What Will Happen To Nigerian Tennis In 2019

US-based Nigerian tennis star, Sadiq Tswako, has predicted that 2019 is already looking like a bright year for Nigerian tennis.

The LC to the world crooner made this assertion in a brief chat with Nigeria Tennis Live from his United States base.

According to the former junior tennis star who is now a graduate of Criminal Justice, the plans by the Nigeria Tennis Federation (NTF) are quite huge, and it gives a feeling that the new year will yield positive fruits for Nigerian tennis players.

He said: “Looks like it’s gonna be a good tennis year in Nigeria.”

Asked further why he believes this year will be different from previous years, he affirmed that the number of tournaments already lined up appear to show that things have formed up.

“The number of national tournaments – hopefully it happens – plus the 18 weeks of ITF Tournaments look good,” the founder of the Tswako Foundation explained.

Even though the NTF President has listed some of his plans for tennis development in 2019, the Federation is yet to release its comprehensive plan for the new year.

Nigeria Tennis Live will ensure a copy of the plan for the year is obtained from the NTF and made public as soon as this happens.


  1. Well done Oga Dayo. President NTF. And also my amiable tennis Grand Master Mr Edmond for this two have taking Nigerian tennis to greater heights.

  2. I wish Team Nigeria all the successes in their encounter. Especially my son UK based Nigerian tennis professional, Muktar Sulaiman.

  3. For me is a thing of joy, if it true of what I read and you say then we coaches must wake up and put our hands together to make it work, Nigeria is a great nation with so much give to us by God especially hard working cosches, who are ready to work not even waiting for government alone, let make it work please lets throw away all sentiment, ethnicity, diasedness religion and we will get there.


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