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MUST READ: Quadre Reveals What She Will Do To Bounce Back After Failing J2 Week 1 Test In Tunisia

Oyinlomo Quadre, the Nigerian tennis teenage sensation has expressed her desire to bounce back from an unprecedented defeat during the first week of the Grade 2 Junior ITF tournament in Tunis, Tunisia.

The number four seed ranked 197 in the world junior rankings lost in a final set battle against an unseeded British youngster, but she’s not relenting.

She told Nigeria Tennis Live in a chat from her base in Tunisia, that it is her plan to get back stronger for the second week of the competition, having failed in the first leg.

Asked what happened in her first and only match in the singles, Quadre, 16, said: “Had lots of chances but I couldn’t take them, I didn’t play good that day.

“And I was only able to make the match that tough because of my fitness and mental toughness.

“I could have won , but I just didn’t take the chances I had because of stress especially because it’s the first match of the year.

“The conditions here also were hard for me to adapt to because I came one day before the tournament started but now I am doing good.”

After the disappointment, the 2019 Nigerian Slam winner is already preparing well for the next phase.

“I am preparing good, adapting to the weather and courts. But my goal next week is to stay positive like I did this week, fight and just go for it.

“It’s a lot of pressure at the beginning of the year, and I started the previous year the same way so I want to change something next week,” the Morocco-based youngster offered.

The player returns to action in the new week, and Nigeria Tennis Live will keep monitoring the competition, and the player’s performance, and report to our teeming followers.


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