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Mohammed Okandeji: Passion, Grit, Enthusiasm (Photos)

One of the first ways to ascertain if Mohammed Okandeji is participating in a tournament is to listen carefully for his roars on the court.

After shouting “come onnnnnn”, he bumps his fists, shouts and cheers himself up even if he is being properly beaten, and these seem to be signs and trademarks of an astute believer in oneself.

This youngster, who has featured a few times in finals of his age category, has been a delight of photographers who are quick to run after players that show passion.

Off the court, he does not particularly seem like that player, but the energy level he displays during every single match deserves to be studied and imbibed by many players.

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With or without supporters on his side from the stands, this Lagos Lawn Tennis Club chap does not seize to encourage himself and cheer himself up whenever he picks a valuable point.

Well… he caught the eyes of the photographer who documented the recently-concluded UTR Tournament in Lagos, and we could not look away from his beautiful pictures, so, we decided to bless you with some of them.

Below are some of his images as they were captured in Lagos:


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